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Sedgwick Group plc was a very large British insurance broker. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. However, it was acquired by Marsh & McLennan in 1998.

An employee shares his experience on, "I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work for Sedgwick. Very underpaid. The office is catty and childish. Management is horrible and unprofessional. Very uncomfortable environment."


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Former Employee - Claims Representative says

"Poor pay, overworked, terrible management."

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"boring work; too many nit-picking audits."

Former Employee - Claims Representative says

"Training is not consistent; work is not fairly assigned"

Former Employee - Disability Examiner says

"This is hands down the most horrible place to ever work. Huge unreasonable work load. Unnecessary daily huddles to take up even more if your time to tell you about all the tasks that need to be completed. Impossible to get work done in a 7.5 hour day with no overtime yet it is subtly suggested you work “ off the clock” to get it done. If an OT request is submitted you are to work until you find out if it is approved. At the pony you find out your request is denied you will have worked an hour or so for free. Morals is extremely low. Huge turnover rate. The pay is decent to start and the benefits package is great until you realize what has to be done on a daily basis. The PTO your receive is not a fair trade for the days you have to work. When you do go on vacation it’s hell the week before as certain unreasonable expectations are to be met before you take off then upon your return it’s hell to pay to get caught back up as your caseload continues to grown and none of your work was handled while you were out. If you enjoy being micromanaged, undervalued, not appreciated and disrespected then this is the place for you! I can’t even put into words how bad this place is. I was told to read these reviews before accepting a position but I chose not too. Six months in and I had to get out. The stress and pressure is extreme. Not only that but Sedwick continues to grow and hard new clients yet instead of rewarding their overworked employees they chose to stop 401 k contributions, all merit raises and not allow PTO to be rolled over. Other competitors in the industry did the opposite - choosing to give employees bonuses for their hard work as claims in a covid world continued to climb. If you are considering joining Sedwick please read these reviews as they are accurate and true. You may also want to buy a box of tissues as crying is a daily occurrence for those who work here."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-expected to work long hours and upon the snap of their fingers -pay is horrendous -stopped 401 matching and no raises because of covid. CEO did take a paycut (i assume that really happened) -did some furloughs and possibly could be more, however, promoted someone to VP and appointed a new CEO and President. I’m sure those positions came with a nice pay increase. Pretty obvious who and what was sacrificed to pay that bill. -SUPER micromanagers!! -the bottom line and the almighty dollar is the only thing that matters to executive leadership. -the Sedgwick culture is to be on conference calls every minute of the day. There’s no time to do your work or even try to implement anything discussed on the calls. Sometimes on calls it’s discussed what to discuss on other calls that are being set up. Also, every call is extremely rushed because they have to get off the call to get on another call. This is the same for emails. I just never seen anything like it. -SUPER lack of communication! They send out newsletters and put on a good front but really it’s just to make sure you push out every bill and squeeze out every dollar to make the company look good. -they have focused everyone and everything on a new large account while not taking care of all the other clients. Of course this is a reputation thing but the cracks have started in clients and that will affect their reputation overall! -lack of system security that resulted in a breach that took down our system! No communication to the employees about what happened and what was exposed. Also, no communication to clients telling them what happened and possible exposure. Coukd be no exposure at all but who knows. Honesty is not a strong suit. -very chaotic and messy! It’s painfully obvious that they are clueless about certain businesses they acquired and make zero effort to understand or learn it. -be open to change but conform to us. Several of the executive leadership folks will get snippy with you and “smack your hand” when you try to discuss concerns or even new ideas. It’s a very “i’m above you” vibe. ****overall a very disappointing company that has no regard for their employees and is the polar opposite of their slogan because it’s obvious that caring does not count****"

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"PTO is never approved, managment picks favorites. No understanding when it comes to family/children emergencies."

Current Employee - Senior Manager says

"Sedgwick Senior leaders unprofessional, do not take accountability for poor decisions and place blame on adjusters etc. Micromanaged, and then thrown under the bus based on poor management decisions. Do not care about the smaller clients and non dedicated. All about numbers, until a client complains and adjuster is to blame. Culture is negative and toxic with no support and or positive feedback or team building. Leaders clueless about claim process"

Current Employee - RN Field Case Manager says

"They're greedy and do not care about their case managers or the results they accomplish on their files, such as costs savings. Early RTW, client customer service, etc. The only thing this company cares about is Revenue..and how much you can bring to their profitshares' pocket .no work life appreciation for your work. Extemely Poor leadership and managers are rude and condescending."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"poor management, under paid, doesn't care about they employees only concern is service level"

Current Employee - Claims Representative says

"Work load and expectations are to much for one person to handle. Need for more staff but management insisted we are fully staffed. No support from team leads just constant nagging to get things done. Absolutely no work life balance."

Disappointed says

"Rape survivor on short-term disability. Sedgwick and rep Haile made it an excruciating process. She closed the case once saying paperwork was not received, when in fact it was. Then she closed it again because my PTSD was only "self-reported" and I didn't have any motor impairments. Suddenly in the middle of my claim I'm required to have motor impairments that I didn't have when the claim began. They just don't want to pay, which is their purpose! They drive people to suicide."

Unhappy says

"TRY TO AVOID USING THIS COMPANY. Unfortunately I had no choice about dealing with this company, And it’s not been a pleasant experience. Two of my vehicles were hit by a co-op customer. Not Having dealt with the claim myself I got one of the vehicle uplifted and stored. Due to it blocking a public path and being a safety hazard. Despite repeatedly mentioned this to them that the vehicle was uplifted and stored, now I understand why they repeatedly didn’t comment or glossed over the matter because they’re refusing to pay for uplift in storage. All in all a thoroughly unprofessional and underhanded tactics playing on the fact that they hope that people don’t have the ability to challenge then. In current climate after 2020 this is despicable Havior over a fairly small amount in the grand scheme of things for them. They should be thoroughly ashamed of their selves. They have asked unreasonable questions of the company that I’ve got to remove and store the Vehicle all in an attempt to intimidate and bully. They have Deliberately tried to misinterpret or mislaid me In an attempt to intimidate me. If you’re dealing with this company not out of choice be very aware that in my view they are an unethical and trustworthy and it’s hardly surprisingly only got 1 1/2 stars"

Michael Wyskocil says

"Experts at delay and denial of services."

Justin says

"Sad that I wasted 2 hours waiting on hold. Their Website not helpful. I'm out of town taking care of my elderly mother. They want her busy doctor to fill out the paperwork and fax it to their blackhole. I find this service is meant to suppress any activity for leave, divulge health information from a third party about a third party. It's obsurd. Walmart sets money aside to do this as part of compensation. It's my money. Who keeps the money in the end? I give up. This is their business."

Dr. G says

"If I could give a minus one, I would. The worse agency and customer service EVER!!! I left voice messages and numerous emails and no one from the company responded. They are not my insurance company, thank goodness, and didn’t want to pay for all of the damages their client caused to my car. After threatening to get my lawyer involved, I get an email telling me to look at the estimate they sent me. They never, however, sent me an estimate. After weeks of emails stating I need an electronic copy of the estimate, I finally received multiple pages of garbage information with the wrong adjusters name on it. I called again and finally got the claims person on the phone so I could explain to her that the large and lengthy document she finally sent me after months of requesting it, did not include all of the damages to my car. The lady actually copped an attitude and told me that I don’t know how to read estimates. She was rude and actually raised her voice with me. I raised my voice back and told her that the paperwork was incorrect AND that the person they listed as looking at my car was not the individual who bored my car. The woman literally told me that it was the correct person and he spoke to my husband. I became upset and told her it was not the same person and that I personally had phone and text conversations with the gentleman who looked at my car and that he had mentioned the claims person for Sedgewick (the lady I was speaking with) did not want to pay for all of my damages. She then had the audacity to tell me that I should be glad the person whose name was on the document was listed because they wouldn’t be paying me for all the damages if it wasn’t for him. I thought... is she for real?!?! This is the type of company to stay away from if you’re looking for an insurance agency. Also, if you hate your job so much that you take out your frustrations on customers, go find another job!!!!!!"

Roderick Munn says

"Not the first time I’ve had to deal with this company. I got them out as I thought I had a leak in my bathroom. The person who came out glanced at the floor with the broken tile (clue to water damage below) and dismissed it out of hand. A few months on the light fell out of the ceiling while we were round the table followed by water. That would be the room below the bathroom I suspected had a leak. They are now going to get back to me. This happened on the 21st of December 2020. I can’t use the bathroom and my dining room ceiling is stained and has holes in it not to mention no light. Now they may surprise me and if they do I will sing their praises however my expectations are unfortunately very low at this point."

Sara Lautzenhiser says

"I'm just trying to get accomdations at work for my disability and they keep calling me at bad times even tho I've asked them over and over to plan a time with me because I can't have my phone in the lab. They tell me to call back asap then don't answer. I leave a message. They ignore it. And then they have the gull to send me an email about how I'm not "participating". I swear to God, a company that makes it hard for people who are already having a hard time deserves the worst."

D Z says

"A truck driver backed into our car that is insured by Sedgwick. The representative called us one time in over a month to fix our automobile. Will not call us back. Our car still has a dent and a hole on the side because they won’t call us back to fix their drivers fault. Merry Christmas."

Barry says

"Worst company I have ever dealt with"

Shaton McAdory says

"I filed a claim with Sedgwick for short term disability because I was sick with Covid-19. Upon completion of the first step, which was submitting my claim over the phone with a examiner, they were supposed to send me a packet for me and my doctor to complete via email within 1 business day. 4 days later I still hadn’t received my packet so I followed up. The rep I spoke with confirmed that they hadn’t sent it and had no clue why they hadn’t sent it but she would “rush” an EMAIL so that I could get it the next business day which would be a Monday at this point. On Monday my employer reached out because my claim had been denied and expected me back at work. That was news to me considering I had just spoken to Sedgwick about waiting on my packet. Called them and they explained my claim was denied because my employer stated that I was part time which I AM NOT. I am 100% full time and my employer NEVER gave them that information. My entire experience with Sedgwick has been a disaster and nothing has been resolved. Every time I call I speak with multiple people who cannot help me and does not want to do their jobs. I’m in the process of appealing due to wrong information. The claim was technically not even complete on MY END! Horrible Horrible experience with unwilling associates"

Bryon Gardner says

"Just like the others we send them everything they need to do are case and they lose it"

Jody Benz says

"If I could give this company a minus 5 I would.This is the second time I have had the misfortune of needing their service.The first claim ,I had all my paperwork in order,the Dr filled everything out as instructed,I still didn't receive my check for weeks.The staff is beyond incompetent,and they do not answer the phone or return emails.This time I had back surgery,again I had all my documents in order,I had surgery oct 8,it is dec 11,I have gotten 1check from them.It is a good thing that I touched base to find out where my Nov 30 check was,they again screwed up their paperwork,it is now 12/11 and still no check.this company is horrible,why my employer chose them is beyond me.I pray I never have to deal with them again.HORRIBLE"

Miguel Moronta says

"My car got hit by a zip car under zedgwick and it was a hit and run. It has now been months and Zedgwick does not want to take responsibility for damages. The agent assigned to my case is ANDREW BRESCIA and what a piece of sh***t he is. Has no clue about anything and walks away from his "job". I'm seeking legal action."

Christine says

"I am a nurse, yes a frontline worker, who was exposed to Covid with symptoms and forced out of work for 18 days, never got paid and I was forced to collect a week of unemployment. They are sneaky, heartless people. They are trained to make everyone's life miserable."


"I'm glad to know that I am not the only one disappointed with this company...i work in the healthcare field...faxed all paper they needed...and now examiner Nicholas does not return my is frustrating ...i have been through covid twice and two surgeries in 3 months because of cancerous only source of income was through short term disability...sad to know that this is how they operate. Left message for supervisor to return my call...but I wonder if that will happen."

Kathleen Lawler says

"I had to deal with Walgreens/Sedgwick from 2014 to 2019. (When I filed my lawsuit against them.) It was HELL. THREE times they told me they "lost alll my information" and could I please send it again. I did twice. They "lost" the 5 surveillance tapes from the store. The Pharmacist immediately, while I was still there, filled out a incident because I was bleeding everywhere. The other employees that saw the incident and the aftermath gave statements but, of course, those mysteriously disappeared also. A MRSA infection developed 3 days later. I sent them 100's of pictures, just about every document I had so far, and I had started taking pictures of the lesions and open wounds every single day. I was hospitalized TWENTY-TWO TIEMES. And Sedgwick? In 6 years, to this date, they have not paid one single penny towards my medical expenses or anything else. My life has been literally destroyed. My medical bills are, just through 2017(!) are $445,000+ and counting. I had to stop working, I had to go on SSI, I am on food stamps, lost my car. If it weren't for my brother, I would be living under a bridge. Lost every single penny I had. I will have MRSA for the rest of my life. As I said, I am suing them. I'm looking for a few people who would be willing to maybe write a short statement of their story on how Sedgwick treated you, your review of them, how they ruined your life, stuff like that, and get it notarized and send it to me at kathleenlawler@gmail. Nobody will ask you to get involved in this. I just need to show that the way they treated me is consistent with their standard methods of handling claims. Responses will also tell me if there are people out there who would be interested in a class action. I will NOT let these people get away with this. If you are willing to tell me your story (I'll send you the standard statement form. I am very serious. I was a Trial Paralegal for 35 years until I retired and I have an attorney helping me. I want Sedgwick to PAY for destroying my life. And at least I am not going to let them get away with this!!! Thanks so much for your consideration and help. I really need your help."

Painter Girl says

"BUYER BEWARE! I purchased the countertops through Home Depot. Trindco did a terrible job installing them. They damaged the drywall in my kitchen and bathrooms. The caulk job looked like a 16 year old did it. I submitted a claim to Home Depot's insurance company "Sedgwick Claims Mgmt. Services. They NEVER sent anyone out to look at the damage and we received a letter from Sedgwick stating that "the installation was completed in accordance with industry standard"!"